2018 Gridiron Schedule Released

March 02, 2018

The Red Devils will face Macon private school Tattnall Square for the first time this fall.

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    You Might Be A Red Devil Fan If ...

  • you pull for anyone and everyone to beat Washington-Wilkes in football!
  • you put red horns and a red forked tail on your car.
  • you leave your Red Devil magnets on your car all year long
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    Red Devil Tales

    Cannon a short-lived LC tradition

    Larry Campbell's brother-in-law built a small cannon-type device to be used before kickoffs. That contraption wasn't very big, but it sure packed a big punch. The first time it was fired at Buddy Bufford Field as a test, some in town thought there had been an earthquake or explosion. Lincoln County supporters would put the cannon near the 50, and fire it just before kickoff. That worked well for a while, but then they weren't careful with it one evening. They didn't notice that the officials were a bit too close when they pulled the firing string. We don't know exactly what was said, but that cannon hasn't been on the field since.

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    Back in the Day QuickFacts

    Lincoln County's last losing season was 1972.

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    1937 team photo

    Sonny McGee

    1967 Westside team photo

    Red Devils to go to Warrenton Friday night

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