Lincolnton Defeats Hartwell

November 04, 1937

Last Friday Lincolnton defeated Hartwell 6 to 0. Forty-four minutes we played without scoring, then the last four minutes Neal Wansley behind excellent blocking carried the ball around right end from the eight yard line for the only score of the game.

November 12, Wrens comes to the local gridiron for the final home game. We are expecting a hard fought game since the Wrens team is a strong one. The boys have worked this fall, Coach Jones is proud of the playing so far. He is optimistic over the rest of the season. The daily workout brings the boys a little nearer perfection each time. They realize how important it is to cooperate, to play fair, to give the best they've got to Lincolnton High. Their hearts are in the game. They need your backing. The spirit of the side lines counts a lot in the winning. The boys are yours, they're doing it for you. What are you going to do for them?

These fellows will play on the football field of life, using the same principles they use in carrying the ball through the line. We are proud of the character the coach is building out there on the field. They're square and fair. Back them up. They're players today, tomorrow they'll be citizens, lawmakers, doctors, preachers and teachers of tomorrow. Come out and watch them play a winning game. It's the last time you'll have a chance to see this team play on this field. It's the chance you can't afford to miss. Watch the Lincolnton Eleven carry the pigskin through the line.