Red Devils, Commerce Swapped Coaches

September 20, 2009

Few folks today realize that, unintentionally, our Red Devils and the Commerce Tigers "swapped" coaches during the early 1950s.

Andy Anderson coached our Devils to a 6-4-1 record in 1949. In 1952, he would replace Ralph Chambers as the Commerce coach. Anderson would lead the Tigers to a 13-6-1 mark over the next two seasons.

Coach Chambers had been the Tiger head man for four seasons, totaling a 25-13-1 record. He had 3 winning seasons (two losses each year) before a poor '51 campaign (3-7).

Chambers headed to Lincolnton, but managed only 1 win over the next two seasons (1952-53, 1-17-2). He was replaced in 1954 by Lewis Surls.

According to records at, neither man coached football again in Georgia after 1953.