Devils Start Year 5th in Two Top Tens

August 19, 2010

Our Red Devils start 2010 ranked fifth in the AJC Rankings and Maxwell Ratings.

The Maxwell Ratings are computer-generated and based on history and probability.

Here's Maxwell's Top 10, from the GHSF Daily Newsletter:

1. Charlton County
2. Wilcox County
3. Wesleyan
4. Savannah Christian
5. Lincoln County
6. Twiggs County
7. Clinch County
8. ECI
9. Holy Innocents
10. Bremen

The AJC Top 10:

1. Charlton County
2. Wilcox County
3. Wesleyan
4. Clinch County
5. Lincoln County
6. ECI
7. Savannah Christian
8. Bowdon
9. Eagle’s Landing Christian
10. Greenville

There are also the Ken Massey ratings, but they are so skewed in Class A right now because of the private schools that moved in from GISA that they are not being included here. But, to give an idea, Charlton is rated third behind two former GISA schools, and our Devils are ninth. Those ratings will adjust as games are played.