GHSA to Consider Football Schedule Changes for 2004

August 09, 2003

The GHSA is considering joining the majority of states that have their football championships played at neutral sites, rather than at one of the participants' home field. Red Devil head coach Larry Campbell is in favor of the neutral sites, according to the story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to an Associated Press story appearing in the Augusta Chronicle, the Georgia High School Association is seriously considering changing the overall schedule for football games beginning with the 2004 season.

Under the new plan, to be discussed at the October GHSA meeting, preseason practice will be reduced from 4 to 3 weeks, the first game can be a week earlier, and the 10 regular season games must be completed with 11, not the current 12, weeks. These changes are being considered to move the state title games two weeks earlier than now. This will put the title games the first week in December, rather than the weekend
before Christmas.

Read the full story at the Chronicle's website.

Read the full story at the Augusta Chronicle's website.