If it's Georgia High School Football, Lincoln County will be mentioned (AGAIN!!) !

November 01, 2003

Many folks say the road to the Class A State Football Championship goes through Lincolnton. That observation is backed up by the frequent mention of Lincoln County in newspaper stories about HS football in the Peach State. Here's some recent examples:

October 30: The Atlanta Journal-Constution's Darryl Maxie named Lincoln County as one of 5 teams that he didn't expect to be undefeated at this point in the season. Maybe this guy needs to spend some time in Lincolnton! He seems to stay inside I-285 way too much. And W-W certainly didn't "knock around" Lincoln County in 2002, as anyone seeing the game knows.

October 26: The AJC's Distant Replay feature remembers that two future NFL running backs played in the 1987 Class A championship game in Lincolnton. Garrison Hearst (of course) and Brookstone's Mack Strong, now in his 10th year with the Seahawks.

October 26: AJC's Maxie points out that we should not count out Lincoln County as a state title contender, based on its 2002 playoff efforts. (I know, I know - not news to the folks visiting this website!!!!) Maxie goes on to name Clinch County as a "darkhorse". Don't those AJC sportswriter continue to amaze us? Here's the article.

October 22: Augusta Chronicle: Larry Campbell quoted: "We have more people at Doctor's Hospital than we have at practice." At least we found a few to play last Friday night. Here's the article.