CheerDevils Place High in State Competition

March 02, 2005

The Varsity Cheer Devils ended their competitive season last Saturday in Columbus at the State Cheerleading Championship. Our CheerDevils placed 6th in the STATE (defeating all the teams that had beat them in the regular season)!!!!!!

We are so very proud of these girls!!!!

Click here for State competition photos!

Other regular season competitions and results include:

Jones County High - 1st place and winners of the stunt competition
Washington County High - 2nd place
Mary Persons High - 2nd place and winners of the stunt competition
Region at WACO - 2nd place

Our thanks to Coach Heather Yarbrough for providing the above info, and to CheerDevil Moms Denise McWhorter (photographer) and Gay White (submitter) for providing these two photos.