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Red Devils vs.

Record in 51 meetings: 42-7-1

Winning Percentage: 85.000

Total scored: 1226

Total allowed: 369

Average game: 24.04-7.24

Shutouts by Red Devils: 21

Shutouts by opponents: 5

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Fri, Oct 12, 1923Dunaway, W. T.W34-14T[more]
Fri, Sep 24, 1926Dunaway, W. T.W48-0T[more]
22 boys out for practice.
Fri, Oct 26, 1928Dunaway, W. T.W14-0H[more]
Fri, Nov 1, 1929Groves, LuciusW12-0T[more]
Fri, Nov 12, 1937Jones, RollinsU0-0H[more]
Fri, Nov 11, 1938Boyd, WilliamL6-13T[more]
Fri, Oct 31, 1941BurgessL0-28H[more]
Burgess had retired as Ga State Athletic Director
Fri, Oct 20, 1950Martin, EddieW28-6H[more]
Dan Pitts: 79 yd run
Fri, Oct 19, 1951Martin, EddieL0-31T[more]
Fri, Nov 21, 1952Chambers, RalphL6-13H[more]
Also reported (GHSFHA.org) as played on 11/14 with final 12-0. All-Region team: Buster Martin (RE)
Fri, Nov 13, 1953Chambers, RalphL0-25T[more]
All-Region team: Bill Harmon (RE)
Fri, Nov 12, 1954Surls, LewisL0-38H[more]
Fri, Nov 11, 1955Surls, LewisW6-0T[more]
Fri, Nov 2, 1956Surls, LewisW14-7H[more]
Fri, Nov 1, 1957Bufford, BuddyL6-26T[more]
Fri, Oct 3, 1958Bufford, BuddyW19-6T[more]
LHS "B" played Evans/Harlem varsities
Fri, Oct 2, 1959Bufford, BuddyW32-6H[more]
Fri, Oct 7, 1960Bufford, BuddyW39-7T[more]
W had given up 12 pts in first 4 games
Fri, Oct 6, 1961Bunch, ThomasW52-21H[more]
Fri, Oct 26, 1962Bunch, ThomasW40-0T[more]
Fri, Nov 1, 1963Bunch, ThomasW55-0H[more]
Fri, Sep 25, 1964Bunch, ThomasW7-0T[more]
Fri, Sep 24, 1965Bunch, ThomasW36-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 28, 1966Bunch, ThomasW20-7T[more]
Fri, Oct 27, 1967Bunch, ThomasW25-0H[more]
Fri, Nov 1, 1968Bunch, ThomasT13-13T[more]
Fri, Oct 31, 1969Bunch, ThomasW54-6H[more]
Fri, Oct 27, 1972Campbell, LarryW12-6T[more]
LC won with 0:06 left
Fri, Oct 26, 1973Campbell, LarryW31-9H[more]
Fri, Oct 8, 1976Campbell, LarryW28-6T[more]
Fri, Oct 7, 1977Campbell, LarryW34-6H[more]
Fri, Sep 8, 1978Campbell, LarryW26-0H[more]
Fri, Sep 7, 1979Campbell, LarryW30-0T[more]
Fri, Aug 22, 1980Campbell, LarryW26-0H[more]
Fri, Aug 21, 1981Campbell, LarryW26-6T[more]
Fri, Aug 27, 1982Campbell, LarryW43-0H[more]
Campbell win#100; Wrens 4A champ; losing to Palmetto 12-6 in finals after 6 fumbles
Fri, Aug 26, 1983Campbell, LarryW14-8T[more]
W A runnerup, lost to Palmetto in finals
Fri, Oct 12, 1984Campbell, LarryW22-14H[more]
LC#3; W/L in 4A South
Fri, Nov 16, 1984Campbell, LarryW14-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 11, 1985Campbell, LarryW28-0T[more]
W #10
Fri, Nov 15, 1985Campbell, LarryW32-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 31, 1986Campbell, LarryW41-0H[more]
Fri, Nov 21, 1986Campbell, LarryW42-6H[more]
Fri, Oct 30, 1987Campbell, LarryW34-0T[more]
Fri, Oct 28, 1988Campbell, LarryW20-0H[more]
W 8-0; Campbell home win #100
Fri, Oct 27, 1989Campbell, LarryW28-7T[more]
W 6-0-1
Fri, Sep 28, 1990Campbell, LarryW30-13T[more]
W 4-0
Fri, Sep 27, 1991Campbell, LarryW34-0H[more]
Wright punt rtrn for TD
Fri, Oct 23, 1992Campbell, LarryW39-13T[more]
last 7 against 2nd-string
Fri, Oct 22, 1993Campbell, LarryW14-2H[more]
Rain. Campbell #250
Fri, Oct 21, 1994Campbell, LarryW12-6T[more]
Must win game for LC since PC had beaten Wrens. Last season for Wrens & Louisville as they would merge into Jefferson County High for 1995. LC led 12-0.

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In the past 55 years, our Devils have only had 3 losing seasons. Even in those bad years, our Devils won at least two games.

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